Staying motivated, inspired and organised to blog.

Working full time means that sometimes motivation and inspiration can become lacking, and with that, all sense of organisation seems to go down the pan too, and it can become this vicious cycle. Unfortunately, this has happened to me in the past week or so (after only a month in, I know) and I decided to just enjoy a weekend away from my blog, and as a result had nothing pre-prepared to post this week so it’s all been a bit last minute!

You’re probably thinking that a post on staying motivated and organised after failing pretty bad at it is a little hypocritical, but I think it’s the best kind of post to read – we’re only human after all – and decided to share my thoughts and the methods I use to *try* and stay motivated and organised when it comes to my blog, so stick with me.

1. Read, read and read some more.

It’s completely okay to read your favourite blogs just because you love them, but also to spark some ideas for your own content. It’s not copying if you only take inspiration away from other bloggers’ content. I find when I’m feeling less than motivated to blog, reading posts from my Bloglovin’ feed and digesting all of that great content gets me excited to write and create. The community motivates me and it also makes me want to better my own work.

2. Plan, plan and plan again.

Editorial calendars are the bomb. At the moment I’m using The Ultimate Blog planner by Dot Creates. It has so many pages for planning particular blog posts and has notes pages also. The only thing it is missing is a calendar view for editorial planning – for this I use iCalendar which is really great for planning out the month in terms of content.

Planning this way means that you know what content you want to create in advance, making taking photos and writing far easier, rather than trying to pluck something from thin air. While it may sound a little too organised for some, planning this way gives you an idea of how different types of posts are spread over the month, and there’s always room for manoeuvre if something doesn’t quite fit. So if there’s a pressing trend you want to cover all of a sudden but have no room in your plan, move it around. Of course, you can do the same sort of thing on a weekly basis too, especially if you post three times a week like I (am trying) to do.

3. Apps

As much as I LOVE notebooks because obvs I love stationery (like everyone else, LOL), apps are just pretty much groundbreaking and I don’t know where I would be without iCalendar, Wunderlist and the WordPress app. Or my iPhone in general.

4. Scheduling is a lifesaver.

Scheduling is a blogger’s worst kept secret. Why do everything last minute when you can schedule everything in advance and let it do the rest for you? I schedule all of my posts to go live at the same time in WordPress and schedule my tweets using Buffer. As I work full time, having everything posted when I want it posted, rather than when I’m physically available makes things run much more smoothly and more consistently. Later is also great for scheduling insta posts! While it won’t post for you, it will pop up when it’s go time.

You don’t have to schedule two weeks of posts in advance either, I tend to just schedule a post and its tweets the day before, or if I feel it’s needed, up to a week.

5. If you reach blog burnout – take a break!

There’s nothing wrong with taking a step back, for a day, or even a week. The world won’t end I promise you.

Fingers crossed I can take my own advice… I’ve been thoroughly enjoying using my new planner and feel so much more productive, of course.

How do you stay motivated and organised?

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