Learning to be more thankful.

be more thankful

Negative thoughts. Those awful things that creep up on you when you least expect it, casting doubt over yourself, your abilities and scrutinising every little decision that you make.

Well, enough I say! Negative thoughts take up too much of my time and I’m determined to begin thinking much more positively and to learn to be more thankful for the amazing things in life, no matter how bid or small.

Sometimes while you’re battling your way through life, you forget to be grateful for the many things that you do have – so I list the things I am most thankful for below.

  • my family
  • my boyfriend
  • my dogs
  • coffee
  • and pastries (obvs)
  • my job
  • looking young enough to be ID’d for a scratch card – I’m sure it’ll be a one time only thing..
  • my fiat 500
  • living with my parents (while I save for a house of my own, what babes)
  • whole nut dairy milk
  • Netflix
  • Haim
  • good hair days
  • pinterest
  • victoria sponge
  • harry potter
  • old photos
  • belly laughs
  • finding the perfect black (non-skinny!) jeans
  • walt disney
  • roll neck jumpers
  • travel plans
  • dry shampoo
  • the countryside
  • my blog
  • quiet mornings
  • rainy days