5 things to do this bank holiday weekend.

5 things to do this bank holiday weekend

I can’t quite explain how happy I am that it’s almost the bank holiday weekend! I said in my kick start your monday post that I am a Monday hater-onner so no Sunday night blues makes me very happy.

Another reason I’ve been looking forward to the long weekend is so I can be boring and get some life admin done, also known as a complete wardrobe and bedroom cull and a serious clean.

But, onto this post! Here’s 5 things to do this bank holiday weekend…

1. Tidy and organise!

As already mentioned, I will be spending one of the days this weekend clearing out my room which is currently resembling a floordrobe, and just generally overflowing with junk I just don’t need. As much as I’d like to go all minimalistic lifestyle on you, I just can’t completely commit to that, however will definitely be ruthless with things I haven’t picked up in a few months… clothes, makeup, underwear, you name it, I’m sorting it.

2. Visit a new town or city.

I’m usually awful at this. Where I live, I’m already miles from the closest city, so tend to stick to what I know. I’m starting to get better at this, venturing to Leamington Spa where my sister lives every so often, however this weekend we’re off to Leamington’s neighbouring town of Warwick to look at pretty things and eat good food, and maybe finding the shop with all of the Harry Potter things.

3. Go for coffee, solo, or with friends.

I love doing either. I enjoy watching the world pass by (or people watching – who doesn’t?) over a cup of coffee and a decent magazine when by myself or having a good old catch up with a friend. If you can, seek out a new coffee place too! Those bored of chain coffee shops, raise your hand!

4. Get outside.

I’m dreadful, in that I love cosying up with a hot drink, a packet of biscuits (maryland cookies, wbu?) and binge watching anything and everything on Netflix so any sign of the weekend and I’m already moulding my bum print into the sofa for max comfort. Be smart, don’t be like me, go outside and get some fresh air! I’m super lucky as I can literally see an entire forest from my house, so will definitely be dragging my bum out the door to take the dogs for a walk this weekend.

5. Switch off.

I’m usually glued to my Macbook or iPhone 24/7 – my parents are even on social media at the dinner table! Switch off from all social media, texts and calls for 24 hours. It’s surprising how refreshing it is to not constantly be refreshing your Facebook or Twitter feed. You also avoid the dreaded social media envy for a whole day. I’m looking at you instagram!

What are your plans for this weekend?